Upwardly Rotated?

As a graduate student at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Rebekah Lawrence — now a post-doc in the Bone & Joint Center — did some excellent work on shoulder kinematics and rotator cuff tears. JOSPT recently published some of her work on shoulder upward rotation.

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High Flying Cartilage

What do you get after 30 days onboard a Russian spacecraft?  Clear evidence of collusion!  (Well, at least between microgravity and cartilage.)   #NotFakeNews

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Michael Bey
College Swimming & Shoulder Health

Competition, camaraderie, and a Phelps-like physique. What’s not to love about college swimming? How about the possibility of a lifetime of shoulder pain? In this publication, Jack Dischler (a former college swimmer) and his colleagues investigated the relationship between collegiate swimming and shoulder health.

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