ORS Annual Meeting (March, 2018)

The Bone & Joint Center presented 13 abstracts at the Orthopaedic Research Society annual meeting.  The abstracts included:

  • Yeni, Baumer, Oravec, Basheer, Bey, Bartol, Chang. Does Neural Foraminal Motion Predict Long-term Patient Reported and Radiographic Outcomes After Single-Level Surgical Treatment of Cervical Radiculopathy?
  • Yeni, Kim, Oravec, Banglmaier, Zhang, Gibson. Effect of ALT Crosslink Breaker on Normal and Glycated Human Femoral Cortical Bone Fracture Mechanics
  • Oravec, Dong, Yeni. Prediction of Vertebral Uniform Compression and Wedge Strength Using DXA-Derived Stochastic Predictors
  • Oravec, Zauel, Rao, Flynn, Yeni. Vertebral displacement measurement using tomosynthesis based digital volume correlation in vitro and in vivo
  • Rostami, Zhang, Gardinier. Periostin Deficiency Effects on Microdamage Formation Under Fatigue Loading
  • Rostami, Zhang, Gardinier. Ablation of the Parathyroid Hormone Receptor Alters the Anabolic Response to Exercise
  • Fitzgerald, Endicott, Moscibrocki. The response of Articular cartilage to 30 days of microgravity
  • Fitzgerald, Endicott, Keene, Holden. Assembly of the alpha-6 chain of collagen VI
  • Baumer, Slotkin, Alkhelaifi, Gulledge, Zauel, Bey. Influence Of Rotator Cuff Pathology And Physical Therapy On In-Vivo Pec Minor And Serratus Anterior Lengths
  • Baumer, Moutzouros, Zauel, Bey. Factors Influencing Rotator Cuff Surgical Repair Tension In Human Patients
  • Baumer, Dischler, Siegal, van Holsbeeck, Moutzouros, Bey. Rotator Cuff Shear Wave Elastography: Effects of Pathology And Association With Clinical Outcome
  • Baumer, Gulledge, Juliano, Sweeney, Zauel, Moutzouros, Bey. Bone-Patellar Tendon-Bone Donor Site Healing After ACL Repair: A Shear Wave Elastography Study
  • Lee, Roach, Clouthier, Bicknell, Bey, Young, Rainbow. The Effect of Cranial Orientation on Shoulder Biomechanics
Michael Bey